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Look your best on the day of your wedding? Take a look at the morning suits of Huijer Evening dress in the Hague. For all budgets we have the best offer, whether it is a new lightweight morning suit by Wilvorst or a morning suit from the rental department. Please make an appointment well in advance for a fitting so there will be time to order your size if neccesary. If you are interested in our so called occasions (ex rental suits): our advise is to inquire in time

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To buy a new morning suit

Huijer Evening dress sells morning suits by Wilvorst, an excellent brand in the formal wear business. The morning suit has a long black coat, a grey waistcoat and striped trousers with one pleat. The morning suits are made of a good quality pure wool. Price: €1005,-

Grooms can choose to wear a waistcoat in a other colour than grey. We sell waistcoats in various colours.

Small and big sizes
At Huijer Evening dress we sell morning suits in all sizes (short, standard and length sizes). The range of sizes for morning suits start at size 44 up to size 64. So also men with a small or large size can find a morning suit in our shop.


When to wear a morning suit

A morning suit is worn during the day, for example at a wedding, official occasions, or at a traditional funeral. Morning suit is also the proper attire for ambassadors who will present their credentials to the King.

Do you want to hire a morning suit? Please look at our page: To hire a morning suit.

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