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To rent a black tie suit

If you have been invited to an event or party and “black tie” or ”cravate noire” is on your invitation, your host expects you to appear in a tuxedo. Renting a black tie suit is possible at ​Huijer Evening dress in The Hague. You can rent a suit including a tuxedo shirt, a black bow tie, black patent shoes and a white pocket square and cufflinks. The total price of this package is €99,-. To rent a tuxedo suit without any accessories is €65,-.

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Matching accessories

The tuxedo has a black jacket with lapels faced with satin, matching black trousers have a strip of ribbon, called the braid. The jacket has no vents. Herewith you wear a dress shirt with a wing or normal collar and a black bow tie. You can either wear black patent leather shoes or normal black shoes​. A black cummerbund is optional. Since you can not wear a belt (the trousers have no belt loops), you can wear suspenders (braces).

The fitting and reservation of a black tie suit

Our best advice is to come by the shop a few weeks in advance to try on the suit. This suit will then be reserved for you, on the date of your occasion.One day in advance you can pick up the suit and one day after the event we expect you to return the suit. Please note that the shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays so for an event in the weekend, picking up is possible on Fridays or Saturdays and returning on Tuesdays. Do you need to hire for a longer period? This is possible at a little extra charge.

Where does the tuxedo come from

The tailless tuxedo jackey gets its name from Tuxedo Park, an early 20th century enclave of trendsetting, fashion-forward New York swells. The Tuxedo club was founded here. In this club they changed the white tie jacket for the black tie jacket after dinner.

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